The Purpose of Instagram

Confession: I’ve been struggling lately with Instagram. It’s true. How can you struggle with Instagram? That’s so silly. I’ve been struggling with my motivation / purpose in posting something… Therefore I haven’t posted as often as I used to. It’s not that I haven’t considered it. But in a way, I’ve been beating myself up over whether or not to post. I REALIZE THIS IS SO SILLY. ITS INSTAGRAM ASHLEY. CALM DOWN. Hey everyone has their weird quirks, right? 🙈So let’s get down to business. 

When I woke up at 4:33am last Friday morning I had a heart to heart with myself (highly encouraged), I decided I should no longer be ashamed to post on Instagram but that I should have purpose in my posts. 

Therefore I came up with two simple purposes. 

pointing others towards Christ through my posts. Lets brag on Jesus. He is so so good and faithful guys. Our pastor has been doing a sermon series on God’s sovereignty and it’s been really powerful to be reminded of the truth that no matter what storm in life we may be in, God is present & faithful.

encourage others through my posts. (Who doesn’t feel loved when they get a S/O post?!) I desire to be as selfless as I can with my posts.

Another thought I’ve been struggling with… 

It’s hard to find the balance of not showing off on Instagram. You don’t want to post about the time you felt excluded from friends, ate too many cookies, or felt fearful about the future. But I do want to be real. I want others to see I don’t have it all together… 

There’s beauty in vulnerability guys. 

So guys, I want to challenge myself and you …let’s be intentional with our posts. 

Ask yourself these questions before posting:

1) does this post glorify Jesus? How so? If not, who/what is it glorifying?

2) why am I posting this? Is there any part of me that is posting to brag to my followers what I am doing or what happened to me?

3) am I being completely honest in my caption? (A caption of: “and we laughed the whole time…. Or best day of my life… Etc” portray a dishonest image of what actually happened. Let’s be honest with our followers y’all.)

I’m not trying to get you to overthink Instagram. Posting is NOT a big deal. But I think far too often our Instagrams can be very self-centered, posted to brag, and in a way dishonest. I’m very guilty of this!

Let’s revolutionize how and why we post. 


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