I’m Baaaaack 

4:33am on a Friday morning & I can’t sleep.

I counted sheep, I drank some water, I used the bathroom, I called Kyle to inform him I can’t sleep (S/O for telling me it was cute I was calling you), and then when it hit 5:17am I decided to begin blogging again. (Last post was in November of my sophomore year. Now I’m graduating in 2.5 months! Wut.)

So it may not have been 5:17am but it sounds more dramatic that way. 

Who knows how often I’ll blog. I have one post in mind… Check back on Saturdaaaaay! That’s it for now. 

Well it’s 6:38am and my alarm is going off in 7 minutes.

Shine for Jesus today, my friends. He is good & sovreign. 

PS. If you have any ideas on what to do when you can’t sleep… Let me know 😁


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