A Thanksgiving List

The other night I stumbled upon a blog entitled, “Thanksgiving List”, it struck me as unusual because you typically only hear people talk about Christmas lists. So, I read the blog, in which her thanksgiving list was a list of a few things she was thankful for. So that is exactly what I decided to do. I made it a goal that I would write my Thanksgiving list, before my Christmas list. Yes, I have started blasting Christmas music, watching Christmas movies & getting excited for the upcoming holiday season..but no, I have not forgotten about Thanksgiving. 

 {Here begins Ashley’s quick rant over holidays, you may skip this paragraph if you please} Let me be honest with y’all. I get a tad frustrated when people get angry at people who listen to Christmas music or begin celebrating Christmas the day after Halloween. WHAT IS THE FUSS? If we wait until after Thanksgiving we only have one month to celebrate! In my personal opinion, we should begin celebrating both holidays right after Halloween! It’s a very joyous time of the year, so what’s the harm in making the holidays last a little bit longer? Okay, my rant is over! 
Ashley’s Thanksgiving List:
1) Baylor University…I am absolutely thrilled to be able to attend Baylor! The football, traditions, academic excellence, community and faith is unreal and like no other school out there. I am so thankful for my parents & grandparents for providing the means for me to attend Baylor. I can’t imagine being anywhere else!
2) Hometown of Vienna, VA…if y’all are familiar with Baylor, y’all know that it is in Texas which means a LOT of the students are from Texas. If you’ve never been to Texas..let me fill you in on a secret. Texans are EXTREMELY proud of where they come from…because of their pride of their state, this has just makes me appreciate my town of Vienna all the more! It was ranked #3 in best towns to live in America in 2013! So proud 🙂 the memories I’ve been blessed to make in Vienna will last a life time and I will always consider this home! (the link below is the article about Vienna!)
3) Summer Job..I was blessed to work at a top notch catering company in Washington DC this summer. This was by far the best job ever, lots of laughs with new friends and old friends, adventures from parking garages to the basement of the Corcoran to secret rooms in the Library of Congress, it was a fantastic experience! In addition I continued to work at Outback Steakhouse as a hostess, which was great fun! This also confirmed for me that God has given me the passion and drive to work in the hospitality and/or event planning industry when I graduate college! (And yes, I got to wear a tuxedo and bow tie for my job!)
4) Abby Kathryn…as y’all know my little sister decided to come to Baylor and join me as a Bear! I couldn’t be more excited that she came & I absolutely love having her down there with me! She is one of my biggest role models, the way she models Christ in all she does! In addition, she is one of the hardest workers I have ever met in my life, she strives to work hard for Christ in everything!
5) Matthew Howard..I am SO proud of the man my little brother is becoming! His sense of humor and love for God is evident in his everyday life! His passion for baseball is incredible & I know he will go far with it! I love seeing Him allow God to mold him on a daily basis!
6) Parents & Grandparents…I simply don’t know what I would do without any of them, my mom, my dad, Nana, PapPap, Ma & Glenn! They all influence my life in some pretty big & amazing ways & work very hard to provide the most for me, my siblings and my cousins! I want to be like ALL of them when I “grow up”! Yes, I know thats super cliche to say, but y’all…all six of these people are the most hardworking, and Christ fearing adults I know! 
7) Jaw Surgery…even though it was last year I have been looking back on old photos and have definitely noticed a significant difference in my jaw line. I am SO grateful to my parents for allowing me to get the surgery & helping me along every step of the way. I know it seems small, but since second grade my parents have poured thousands of dollars into fixing my teeth! What a blessing & quite a journey!! (Here is a before and after picture..the before picture is where my jaw was at the absolute worst!)
8) Highland Baptist..this is my home church in Waco TX! I am so thankful for a place I’m able to grow in my faith and learn more about who God is and His plans for my life! Through my CG (church small group..connection group) and Sunday morning & Wednesday night church I am so thankful God has provided me this church where I can be challenged. 
9) Family Vacations..from South Carolina, to San Diego, to Grand Haven, Michigan…family vacations are a true blessing! A wonderful time to get away with the family & create lasting memories!
10) Old & New Friendships…I feel so entirely blessed with many of the rich friendships God has blessed me with over the past nineteen years! I’ve learned so much throughout all of my friendships and I can’t wait to continue adventuring alongside my best friends!
11) Growth in my relationship with Christ..God has definitely been working in my life the past few months, for this I am very grateful! One thing He’s been teaching me is about finding my identity in Christ & He’s been reminding me that only HE can quench the longings of my heart!  
12) Lastly, Life’s grand adventure…as y’all know if you read my previous blog post, my family is moving to Houston come January. It’s a hard time and I’m still struggling to come to terms with it, but I’m in the middle of reading Ecclesiastes and I just got done reading the third chapter & how there is a time for EVERYTHING! It was just a positive reminder that God is in control and He has a purpose in doing everything! I’m thankful that God is taking us on this adventure because I know it will simply be an opportunity to come to trust Him more and grow in my relationship with Him!
Thanks for reading y’all! I highly encourage y’all to take some time out of the busy holiday season and make yourself a Thanksgiving list & share it with friends and family! Don’t let this Thanksgiving pass without thanking and praising God for His unending blessings! 
1 Chronicles 16:34 – “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, his love endures forever”

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