Never Say Never

One thing I’ve learned recently is to NEVER use the word “Never” when talking to God. It sounds like a harmless word, but I swear…once you say I would NEVER do that, God hears and chuckles a little inside and says to Himself, “Just wait and see what I’ve got planned for you”.

 Let me fill you in on a few of the “never” statements I’ve said within the past few years…

1)   “I will NEVER go to college far from home”….well looks like God heard that and said, “Let’s go to Baylor…twenty hours away from what you call home”

2)   “I will NEVER live in Texas”…well looks like God heard that and said (to my dad), “Here is a job in Houston…”

3)   “I will NEVER switch my major after I’m a freshmen because it would be too hard to catch up on classes”…well looks like God heard that and said, “Here you go Ashley, it’s a perfect major for you..why I have just now revealed it to you…I like having you learn to trust me always”

 So yeah, as you can see…NEVER tell God NEVER. Hmm…maybe I should take this to my advantage…I will NEVER meet a guy in college and get married right after school…let’s wait and see…. 🙂

 So yeah, as y’all have briefly read, God is most definitely rocking my boat. It’s a really sad time (in regards to moving) because I truly LOVED noVA, in all its craziness and traffic and crowds! I will always call noVA home and LORD WILLING (I’ve learned this is better to say then I WILL) I’m hoping to move back to the Northern VA area after I graduate college in 2.5 years because there are some really good opportunities in the area that I’m interested in…but I’m keeping my options open!

 It’s also a very exciting time in regards to switching my major.  Some of you may know this, but others may not…but my dream has ALWAYS been to be in the hospitality/event planning industry.  Unfortunately, Baylor doesn’t offer that major (I came into Baylor as an Education major, which they are one of the top in the nation for!) anyways because Baylor doesn’t offer that major, I’ve discovered a major called, “Outdoor Recreation & Leisure Services”.  At first I was very hesitant, because I really didn’t want to limit myself for future career options.  But God was definitely looking out for me, I met with the director of that program today and he said I should be fine! A lot of Baylor grads with that major end up in the hospitality field! YAY! My dad was also saying how experience is KEY, so I’m hoping to set up some cool internships for the summer!

 Anyways, I hope I was able to give y’all a little advice and encouragement…NEVER tell God NEVER & no matter what, always trust Him! It may seem like life is a little rocky and it’s never easy when God decides to shake your boat. I encourage you told hold on and trust that He knows what is best for you & always is looking out for you! 


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