Looking Ahead at the Summer

My last Sunday at Highland Baptist Church, my home church here in Waco, one of the leaders gave a really encouraging message titled, “Donkey Chasing”. It was an interesting title and definitely caught my attention! Ryan based his sermon off of 1 Samuel 9 which was a passage of three things:

 1. God sent Jesus as the first missionary. Why? Because we all need to be reconciled with God because He is holy, righteous…and won’t tolerate sin.

2. Jesus has sent us to continue His work (Acts 1)

3. If you are a disciple, you are a missionary on assignment.  That means you and I are apart of an ongoing story of God reconciling the world.  It doesn’t imply location or require certification!

 Ryan (the speaker), then left us with something to “fill in the blank” it went like this: “God is sending me as a missionary to — this summer”.  We were then supposed to fill in the blank and that was our missiology.

 Of course the talk about summer got me excited, but it also got me thinking.  This summer, where is God sending me as a missionary to? Of course, I wanted to be able to say something cool like a third world country, or to an overnight camp to be a counselor, or at a really cool, big-name internship. But plans for this summer are really just everywhere. I’ve got a few random jobs. Such as hostessing at Outback, catering with Design Cuisine, volunteering with Heaven’s Gate Catering,  and working with Fun Company Events. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so psyched to be doing all of this but it’s hard to see how I can be a missionary in all those random places.

 My prayer this week has been that God reminds me and shows me how I can be a missionary on assignment, right here in northern Virginia.  I’m going to be here for just three months, and I desire that God uses me in big ways! If you think of it…would you mind praying for me also? Just that God reveals to me how He wants me to be a missionary in northern Virginia this summer! I really appreciate it, y’all! 


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