Simple Lesson Learned on Easter Sunday

Every year Easter Sunday is one of my favorite Sunday’s of the year…it’s a wonderful time of remembrance and reflection of what our Savior did on that cross so many years ago.

I anticipate every year to the powerful worship, gripping sermon, and communion as I sit among my friends and family. This year was spent quite differently, we are in Charleston, South Carolina this year over the Easter holiday so we decided to find another church service to attend.

The night before Easter, my parents were googling different churches in the area that we could possibly attend.  My parents decided upon a Baptist church that was right across the street from the Embassy Suites Hotel in which we were staying in.

As we were walking up the steps of the church, memories from five years ago crept up for all of my family – those memories were from five years ago when we had just moved to the Northern Virginia area to find a new home church. It was quite a long process. I wish we kept a log of how many different churches in the area we tried out! Being “new” in churches is never easy, especially after coming from one we had attended in Michigan since we were very young with all our friends.

It’s an awkward process, with awkward conversations and handshakes. For about a year we attended a church called, “McLean Bible” – as a matter of fact, I really enjoyed this church and wanted to stay, but God was calling my parents to PBC, so we followed through! {Although now that I am in college, I have started attending MBC, when I’m home for break!}

ANYWAYS, wow this is starting to get made into quite a long post, I apologize – I’m getting to the point of this post ;)

The church service began, and I’m being completley honest here, but I was frustrated that my parents chose this church service to attend.

It was unfamiliar. It was different.

We didn’t know anyone, we were the “visitors”, the worship was different, the preaching was different, the people were different, etc. After a lot of nudging, I finally responded to the Holy Spirit’s quiet voice asking me, “Why are you so closed off to this different service, Ashley?”, I rolled my eyes and I answered Him with the above reasons – the people, worship, preaching…it was all different and uncomfortable. I felt the Holy Spirit remind me saying, “These are my people too. These are your brothers and sisters in Me..Let go of your pride.”

That was it. My pride had gotten to me.

I felt as if I was better than these people because I felt as if my church services back home were “better”.  I didn’t realize this until after the sermon and I was reflecting what I learned. I asked God to forgive me as I realized an important lesson.

One of the greatest things about Easter is the truth that we don’t have to die for our sins, He did that for us! Christ has paved a way for us to join Him in heaven one day and live with Him eternally, worshipping Him forever and ever! When we enter heaven, it’s not going to JUST be the people I feel comfortable worshipping with…it’s going to be ALL my brothers and sisters in Christ from ALL over the world.

This lesson is a common lesson, one that I’m sure most of y’all have been reminded of at some point in your walk with Christ. I know that I’ve been reminded of it before when I’ve been to mission trips in Africa and Romania – even though we all worship a little bit differently…we are ALL worshipping the SAME God who loves us ALL EQUALLY.

I’m thankful for simple reminders like this that God provides me with.


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