Love Stories

Love stories are the best, the ones that make your heart melt, the ones that make you get chills up and down your arms, and the love stories that get made into movies and books…but love stories are the best when it’s written by the Man with the greatest love of all, Jesus Christ.

Every girl dreams to be swept off her feet by her prince charming, girls spend hours on Pinterest planning and dreaming of the best wedding and marriage ever, and sleepovers are spent discussing about how much they just want to get married to the man of their dreams.

I’m going to share with y’all a little about my love life! GET EXCITED.

As most of y’all probably know, I’m single! And I’m not ashamed or sad of that- I guess there are times when I think it would be great to have a boyfriend, but right now that’s not in God’s plans for my life and I’ve come to trust Him with writing my love story.

I handed Him the pen for the story of my love life when I was about a sophomore in high school. I decided that because God is all-knowing, all-perfect, the fact that He knows me better than myself, and because He knows exactly what I need in a husband, He should be the author of my love life, because I want my love story to be beautiful and God-centered! (And I intend to date with the full intention of marriage, and I just wasn’t ready for marriage in high school!)

I guess my point in writing this post is for all you single people out there!! Don’t be ashamed or frustrated that you’re single! Let God use you during this time of singleness in your life.

We are not even close to becoming ready for a relationship until we are FULLY satisfied and IN LOVE and DEPENDENT on Christ Jesus. We can’t look for human relationships to satisfy us, if we do that we are just going to be let down. It is only Christ who can truly satisfy our desire for relationships.

During this time of singleness, instead of moping around and wishing you had a boyfriend or were married already…Let God mold you in becoming your future husband’s princess! Ask God to mold you into the woman of your man’s dreams! Also – use this time of singleness to begin praying for your future husband! Start a journal for Him and write out prayers for him, let him know what God is doing in your life! (Then give it to him on your wedding night! How cute!)

So yeah, that’s my little thing about relationships & love stories! I hope this was an encouragement to y’all:)


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