College Life & God’s Faithfulness

Let’s just say college has been such a wonderful, crazy, sometimes scary experience. It’s such a different type of experience, one that I will never experience again.  {Unless I flunk out – but don’t worry I won’t 😉 } College is a HUGE time of growing in so many different ways.  You have to learn how to do life without the comforts that I took for granted back in high school. For example, I don’t have the comfort of having my parents right there all the time. I’ll be honest, I used to be incredibly dependent on my parents. But when I got to college, I had to learn how to do everything myself. This also helped me depend on my Heavenly Father instead of the comforts of my parents.

God’s faithfulness is something that I’ve been absolutely blown away by throughout this year. He has been faithful throughout it all. He’s been faithful to me in providing me godly friendships, and organizations to help me grow in my faith. He’s been faithful in leading me to a church where I can be challenged to grow in my walk with Christ. He’s been faithful with guiding me to discover my passion in life and what I want to pursue in the future and how I can glorify God through that purpose. God’s faithfulness is something that astounds me everyday.

Everyday is a new adventure {especially with God!}’s not always easy but I’m BLOWN away by God’s faithfulness. I want to encourage y’all to not begin any day without resting in God’s presence, depending on Him for strength for your day, and thanking God for His faithfulness.


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